National Association of Realtors Lists Top Work from home Counties Heres How You Can Cater to Those Markets

National Association of REALTORS Lists Top Work-From-Home Counties. Here’s How You Can Cater to Those Markets

National Association of Realtors Lists Top Work from Home Counties Heres How You Can Cater to Those Markets

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) published on its website this month a list of counties across the nation that offer the most conducive conditions for working from home. NAR formulated a Work From Home Score and considered 3,142 counties.

Forsyth County, Georgia topped the list as the county to offer the most supportive conditions for working from home. Two other counties in Georgia were shortlisted, Cherokee and Cobb. Two counties in Florida (St. Johns and Seminole) and in North Carolina (Wake and Mecklenburg) were also high on the list, as well as one county in Tennessee (Williamson)—all are states that we service.

For your next flip you can use NAR’s scores to help you anticipate where there may be an especially high demand for properties with home offices or flexible office spaces so that you can meet that need.

Factors that NAR considered in calculating its scores (which range from 0 to 1.9—with a positive score being above 0) were the percentage of a county’s population with access to three or more internet service providers, the portion of workers who now work from home in industries that had otherwise been heavy users of office space, home affordability, and population growth.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home, home offices aren’t simply a convenience—they’re pretty much a necessity. If you’ve got more than one professional working under the same roof more than one office space may be needed. So, as a house flipper, staging a room or two as a home office or a flexible office space—perhaps with built-in multipurpose shelving—can help house hunters see that your property is exactly what they need, especially beyond the pandemic.

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