3 More Design Options That Can Make Any Bathroom Appear Larger

3 More Design Options That Can Make Any Bathroom Appear Larger

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3 More Design Options That Can Make Any Bathroom Appear Larger

Whether the bathroom in your current project is spacious, or somewhat on the small side, these three design options can make it appear larger.

White on White

Not only does a white color scheme create a fresh, clean, classic, and neutral look, but it can open up your bathroom and make it appear more spacious. Features like a white vanity, white tile, and white paint to complement a white tub, sink, and toilet can do the trick. It’s a lot of white, so just in case you’re worried that the space will lack character consider incorporating pale stone or tile and patterned fabrics as accents. You can create contrast and add visual interest with matte black fixtures and hardware, or warm things up a bit with brass finishes.

Tranquil Tone on Tone

If you want to offer buyers a neutral look other than white, and still keep things open and airy, consider going with a tone-on-tone palette of light greys or beiges. Perhaps base your color scheme on the hue of a stone in your shower, or a floor tile. A monochromatic look offers house hunters an uninterrupted cohesive design, and a soothing, serene, spa-like atmosphere.

Nice Niches

Storage doesn’t always have to take up floor space. Consider using niches in your design for some open shelving that not only makes great use of your walls, but creates visual interest. Your design preferences will influence the placement of your niches, but as you know, the decision may ultimately be determined by things like plumbing, studs, and any other conditions you may encounter when you open the walls of your flip. If you’re not too keen on niches inset a medicine cabinet instead. This will provide storage without the cabinet protruding from the wall the way most typically do.

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