Do This and Not That when Styling to Sell According to One Home Stager

Do This and Not That When Styling to Sell, According to One Home Stager

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Do This and Not That when Styling to Sell According to One Home Stager

You know that staged houses sell faster and bring higher prices than un-staged ones, but you don’t have cash in the budget to hire a stager for your flip. Don’t worry. L.A.-based home stager and interior designer Anne Carr of Anne Carr Design offers these four tips on how to style and stage your flip to sell.

Arrange a room to looks its best, and not necessarily for functionality.

For Carr, presentation sometimes takes precedence over practicality. For instance, TV placement in a room. Rather than worry about whether or not a TV is viewable from various vantage points, Carr places it where it’s most flattering to the space. “I say it doesn’t matter for selling purposes,” she said in a Q&A on the blog of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). “Because no one is watching TV while viewing the home.”

Use pops of color.

House hunters like to see pops of pigment in things like pillows or chairs. Colorful art can also be an effective way to appeal to buyers. A majority of people are attracted to things that are blue, says Carr about the psychology behind color.

Change designs based on seasons.

Consider decorating your flip with subdued colors during the fall and winter. Use layers and organic materials to add texture and enhance your design. During summer months incorporate bright colors throughout, especially in outdoor spaces, to capture a festive spirit.

Stage using real plants, not artificial ones.

If it’s possible for you to maintain plants on a weekly basis choose real greenery rather than artificial. This can help make your flip feel more like a home and less like a hotel. If you do use fake plants look for ones that are high-quality and look super-realistic.

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