4 Trees and Plants Realtors Wish You Would Avoid

4 Trees and Plants Realtors Wish You Would Avoid

Before you put your flip on the market you obviously want to make sure it looks its absolute best, both inside and out. This means interiors that inspire, and curb appeal that commands attention.

Although you may have awesome ideas about how to take your yard to the next level, beware of these four problematic trees and plants that Realtors hope you avoid, according to Apartment Therapy—a home and decor site. We’ve summarized those plants and trees for you here.

Spiky Species of Plants 

As you design your landscape consider whether or not your plants are family-friendly—not all plants are suitable for kids and pets. For example, plants like cactuses and agave with spikes or sharp pointy leaves may not be very safe for homebuyers with toddlers who typically like to rip and run. It’s an important consideration since an increasing number of families with younger kids are looking to buy homes. 

Banana Trees

Steer clear of banana trees, agents say, because their fruit can attract rodents and make the tree hard to manage. On top of that, banana trees are even harder to get rid of due to their ability to spread rapidly. When laying out your landscape with homebuyer maintenance in mind, you may find this tree to be a hard pass.

The Bradford Pear Tree

The Bradford pear tree is another tree that agents wish you’d skip. This tree doesn’t smell so good—it produces a fishy odor while it’s in bloom. Besides, it’s quickly overpopulating the South Carolina area.

Bamboo Trees 

Although you may be tempted to use bamboo as a natural fence along a portion of your property be aware that it can grow quickly and can take over your yard. It’s also difficult to permanently remove. When prospective buyers see bamboo the vast majority will know that, whether they like it or not, they’ll have to live with it.