How to Sell a Home to a Millennial

How To Sell A Home To A Millennial

Since millennials are now the biggest group of homebuyers, house flippers need to make some adjustments. Do you know how to sell a home you’ve just bought with the intent to flip fast to a millennial? So, first off you will need to find the right size and location. We discuss this in an separate blog post about millennial home buyers. Now, here are some smart ways to target this huge market.

Make It Instagrammable

Make it instagrammable? What does that mean? If you’re in an older generation, this might not make a lot of sense. Yet, millennials fully enjoy sharing their lives on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. So, this crowd will be more readily impressed with high-end finishes. They want to see stone detailing, hardwood floors (or at least vinyl plank flooring), and quartz countertops. They will appreciate light-colored paints accented with black detailing and appliances in stainless steel.

Market Where They Are At

Millennials aren’t going to look in real estate print magazines for their new homes. They also are less likely to venture out to your open house. So, you’ll need to get online savvy. They will be incredibly unimpressed with your low definition photos. Make sure you use a camera or camera phone that can take high quality photos. If you can’t do it, hire a professional photographer to do it. You might even consider getting on social media and looking for photographers that fully understand the keen design eye of this Instagram generation. Similarly, consider video walkthroughs. If you want to really impress them, look into VR tech to show your house with virtual reality. Nearly three-fourths of all millennials are impressed by VR technology.

They also like drones. Drone footage of the property and the area will set your property apart in an online search. Before taking drone pictures though, make sure you have the landscaping up to snuff.

Landscaping For Millennials

Millennials don’t want to do a whole lot of yard work, but they are willing to put vast amounts of time into backyard gardening. Square-foot gardens and raised beds are sure to impress. Yet, they know to stay away from chemically treated wood too. They might even ask you if you’ve applied RoundUp weedkiller to their would-be gardens. Look into permaculture techniques if you want to set up a raised bed for them. Use eco-friendly landscaping cloth and non-treated mulch to make it move in and planting ready. Thinking of adding a shed? You might want to consider a greenhouse of the same size. Yet, this generation is all about sustainable, locally sourced food. Growing their own is often an incredible bonus for them.

When planting flowers and shrubs, remember, millennials know native plants when they see them and millennials want native landscaping. They know native plants require less water and less maintenance. Along the same lines, millennials consider taking care of our pollinators an important responsibility. So, choose plants that have not been treated with neonics and opt for butterfly gardens. Include native species of milkweed and other native wildflowers.

To learn more about millennial homebuyers, check out our other post on millennials.

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