4 Quick Tips to Make Your House Easier to Sell

4 Quick Tips to Make Your House Easier to Sell    

Published On: November 27th, 2017Last Updated: November 27th, 2017Categories: Hard MoneyTags: , ,

Before you put your home on the market, check out these simple ways to maximize your chances of closing a deal.

Hear the Real Deal from Your Realtor

Ask your realtor to suggest needed improvements for your home; many will do it as a courtesy. You can also get design inspiration from home design TV shows, magazines, websites, and books. Simple changes to things like furniture placement and paint color can make a dramatic improvement in the look of your home.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Some local utility companies will perform free energy audits for customers to show how to maximize energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home not only saves you money now, but becomes an even more valuable and marketable asset when you decide to sell.

Popcorn Ceilings Aren’t in Good Taste

Popcorn ceilings are an antiquated look that dates your home. Getting rid of this old style can be a relatively simple DIY project that can add value to your residence. With a solution to soften the ceiling texture, which you can get from your local hardware store, scrape away the popcorn texture. This change may not seem like much, but it can eliminate a potential stumbling block for buyers.

Choose a Low-maintenance Landscape

Select plants that are native to your region or are drought-tolerant. These plants can require less water and maintenance, allowing you to save more money and ultimately pass those savings on to a potential buyer. Along the same lines, make sure that your yard is well-maintained. Weed-filled landscapes and overgrown beds can make buyers question the condition of your home.

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