Dont Ever Skip the Inspection on an Investment Property

Don’t Ever Skip The Inspection On An Investment Property

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A home inspection fee starts at around $400 and goes up from there. A quality home inspection is critical, unless you are professionally trained to recognize even hidden damage in a structure. Sometimes you can’t see roof damage, outdated electrical system issues, or a hidden water leak. These issues can become very expensive, very quickly. They can be costly, even if you are skilled at DIY home repair.

A home inspector looks for proper grading away from the structure, leaks from the septic field, damage to exterior structures and landscaping issues. The inspector checks railings on stairs, notices if downspout drainage is placed properly, examines ridge and fascia board lines, checks for structural damage. The home inspector looks to see if windows or door frames are bowed, and why. Exterior surfaces are examined. They check insulation, plumbing, and evidence of foundation damage. This is just to name a few things.

If you don’t know how to check for proper plumbing installation or how to check an electrical service panel, you shouldn’t rely on your own judgement.

A quality home inspection can save you a tremendous amount of money, so don’t skip it.

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