New to House Flipping Spend an Hour with a Professional Interior Designer

New To House Flipping? Spend An Hour With A Professional Interior Designer

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If you’re new to house flipping, paying for a consultation with an interior designer might be a good investment. Typically, an hourly fee for a consultation from an interior designer is less than $100. In that hour, a designer will throw out a bunch of suggestions for changes they might make to a home you intend to flip. They have lots of ideas. Though they won’t be able to design and implement the changes to your investment property in just one hour, the advice they provide during the consultation can help you get started on your own.

They may suggest some furniture ideas that could help you with home staging. It’s likely they will throw out color ideas for paint, carpet, curtains and counters. For less than $100, these ideas can really help you plan your remodel. Even small suggestions can go a long way, so don’t forget to jot down every suggestion during your consultation.

Expertise looked at 134 interior designers serving Atlanta, Georgia and created a list of the top 21. Check out their top picks for interior designers by visiting this link. It offers these experts’ websites and contact info as well as a small blurb about each design firm.

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