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27 02, 2018
  • Is aluminum wiring a problem if found during a home inspection?

Most Common Problems Identified On A Home Inspection

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Have you ever wondered what the most common problems found by home inspectors are? Most problems are relatively easy to fix. So, don't let these be deal breakers if you find an otherwise good investment. Faulty wiring is common, but not usually a costly problem for an electrician. Often they find open junction boxes or wires without wire nuts. Easy fixes. Water on ceilings often terrify purchasers, but if it's caused by faulty plumbing, the repairs can be no big deal. Inspectors commonly find poor drainage causing basement leaks. That's not always hard to fix either. Bad gutters cause a

23 02, 2018
  • DIY inspections should be avoided unless you are professionally trained.

Don’t Ever Skip The Inspection On An Investment Property

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A home inspection fee starts at around $400 and goes up from there. A quality home inspection is critical, unless you are professionally trained to recognize even hidden damage in a structure. Sometimes you can't see roof damage, outdated electrical system issues, or a hidden water leak. These issues can become very expensive, very quickly. They can be costly, even if you are skilled at DIY home repair. A home inspector looks for proper grading away from the structure, leaks from the septic field, damage to exterior structures and landscaping issues. The inspector checks railings on stairs, notices if downspout

17 09, 2017
  • extra inspections for buying a house - paces funding hard money loans

Critical Areas to Inspect When Buying a House

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If you’re like most people, your emotions sometimes cloud your judgement. While there's nothing wrong with that in most cases, you can't let your emotions get in the way when you're a real estate investor. There are some critical areas of a property that you’ll need to inspect—sometimes twice—to make sure you’re not falling into a money pit. Even if your inspection gets the green light, you may want to call a specialist for a second opinion. Here are some areas that could use a more thorough inspection: Foundation A home inspector will search for visible signs of foundation problems.