3 Home Design Trends Emerging During the Pandemic

3 Home Design Trends Emerging During the Pandemic

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3 Home Design Trends Emerging During the Pandemic

Over the past few months the pandemic has not only altered the way people live within their communities, but how they live within their homes. Here are a few changes you might want to pay special attention to for your upcoming flips—changes that may have a lasting impact on what buyers expect in a potential new home.

Enhanced Outdoor Dining

Dining al fresco is not a new concept—countless homeowners have always enjoyed a good meal out in the fresh air. But an increasing number of people want to do more than simply carry a plate of food out to the patio, they want to cook outdoors. And we’re not just talking about firing up the grill and pulling out some lawn chairs. We’re talking grill stations, pizza ovens, bars, mini refrigerators, dishwashers, pergolas, seating. The works.

It’s no wonder why home improvement website, Fixr, says that outdoor kitchens have recently become almost twice as popular as patios. One major factor that might be pushing these outdoor home bistros over-the-top are conditions with the current pandemic. With safety recommendations for small gatherings and socially-distant entertaining, the ability to prepare and serve meals outdoors can be an ideal option that may likely increase the number of homebuyers who want outdoor kitchens, not simply as a means to an end, but as an experience.

More Home Office Space

With an increasing number of people working remotely, home offices—or spaces used as such—are not just convenient, but compulsory. With more than one professional working remotely under the same roof, however, more than one office space is needed. A spare bedroom can be converted into an office, but many homeowners without that free space are forced to create makeshift workstations in portions of communal living areas, or even convert closets into office nooks. So staging a room (or two) as a home office in your flip—maybe with built-in multipurpose shelving—can help buyers see that your property is exactly what they need, pandemic or not.

A Roomier Pantry, More Storage Space

During the pandemic consumers stocked-up on food and other supplies, so having extra storage became a priority. Pantries were expanded with extra shelving, and laundry rooms and garages became the overflow for whatever couldn’t fit into its normal place. On your next flipping project consider significantly enhancing storage in pantries and in other practical areas around the house. More storage is always a good thing.

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