Dont Turn off Buyers 4 Tips on How to Use Mixed Metals the Right Way

Don’t Turn-Off Buyers: 4 Tips on How to Use Mixed Metals the Right Way

Published On: August 22nd, 2020Last Updated: August 17th, 2020Categories: Home ImprovementsTags: , , , , ,

Dont Turn off Buyers 4 Tips on How to Use Mixed Metals the Right Way

You’ve renovated your flip and created an open concept design. You’ve expanded the kitchen footprint, added a fourth bedroom, carved out an additional bath, and installed sliders in the living room for a more open view outdoors. Now for fixtures and finishes. As you near the 5-yard line don’t drop the ball with a mixed metals mishap.

The use of mixed metal finishes is a trend that appears to have staying power as fixture and hardware finishes that aren’t matchy-matchy become increasingly popular.

But it’s easy to go off the rails with this trend. Experts at HomeLight warn against being random with your choice of finishes because some combinations don’t go well together. So although your finishes may be different you should make sure they are still complementary and cohesive. Below, we’ve boiled-down more advice from HomeLight so you can successfully incorporate this growing trend into your design.

A finish like matte black goes with everything. A few fixtures in this finish in your kitchen or bath can unify your mixed look.

Avoid finishes that look almost alike. In your effort to mix don’t pick finishes that are in the same color family, because instead of achieving the sophisticated mixed look your design will appear as if you intended for the finishes to match but didn’t notice that they were different. For instance, avoid combinations like nickel and chrome because they look too much alike.

Your fixtures don’t have to match the appliances. You don’t have to try to sync-up the finishes of your fixtures with your appliances. Rather, to create interest, opt for finishes that contrast.

Limit your number of finishes. Don’t go overboard with the number of finishes you use—you don’t want every fixture to look different. Instead, pick a main finish, then one or two supplementary ones to complement the look.

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