2 Strategic Ways to Help Sell Your Flip

2 Strategic Ways to Help Sell Your Flip

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2 Strategic Ways to Help Sell Your Flip

If the outside of your flip isn’t attractive to potential buyers they may do a rolling stop and keep on rolling. Get them to put the car in park and come to your front door. Here are two smart ways to not only enhance your curb appeal, but boost the beauty and benefits of your backyard.

Real grass in the front, faux grass in the back.

Business in the front, party in the back. There’s nothing like having a carpet-like, lush green yard out front to wow buyers. The yard, especially the front, is a preview of even greater things to come—so a little live grass there can be an eye-catching feature.

The backyard, though, can be a different story. Artificial grass out back means potential buyers can be ready to chill with a low-maintenance, verdant ground covering, which means no mowing and tedious edging with string trimmers. The newest generation of artificial turf looks very much like the real thing and can last for up to 20 years.

You may opt to use artificial grass in both the front and back yards, but it may be more budget-friendly to choose one or the other. Besides, many buyers do want real grass, and real grass in the front and artificial in the back—which may need to be more hard-wearing due to heavy use—can be the best of both worlds.

Synthetic grass is ideal in climates that are prone to drought or may experience long stretches without precipitation because it doesn’t require watering—only an occasional rinse to remove dust, which means less of a strain on natural resources. Drought or not, less watering means savings for your buyer.

Another environmental boon is that some manufacturers of artificial grass use recycled materials, like plastic bottles or tires, to fabricate their products.

Add a sliding door for direct access to the backyard.

So, you’ve got a beautiful oasis of a backyard with green space, a patio with a pergola, and even a pool. But is there easy access to it from inside of the house? If not, adding a sliding door that provides direct access from your living space to your backyard can be an ideal enhancement.

Not only will your potential buyer have easy access to the backyard for morning coffee and evenings of stargazing, but they’ll be able to have a smooth flow of traffic during indoor/outdoor gatherings. The slider can also let in more light and brighten your living space, as well as provide a direct line of sight to the backyard, which can make your space appear larger.

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