Countdown the Top 10 Housing Markets for 2021 Part 1

Countdown: The Top 10 Housing Markets for 2021 – Part 1

Countdown the Top 10 Housing Markets for 2021 Part 1

Flippers, if you want a forecast of the hottest housing markets for next year we’ve summarized a list for you here, as reported by A region that we service made the list. Let’s countdown the top 10 housing markets predicted for 2021.

#10. Riverside, California

Known as the Inland Empire city, Riverside, California has a median home price of $475,050, making it a less expensive alternative to the Los Angeles metro area by a little less than half the cost. First-time buyers may find this price point attractive, as well as the larger homes and lots typically found in the area. The locale offers a range of activities, including the beaches of Orange County, skiing, spas in the desert, and Disneyland for the kids.

#9. Denver, Colorado

With a median home price of $520,000, housing in Denver is expensive for the state—nevertheless the cost is half of what buyers would pay in other communities within the Bay Area. Prices are rising fast, reports, which has caused some buyers in the Mile-High city to relocate to the suburbs and nearby cities like Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins.

#8. Oxnard, California 

In this city on the coast homebuyers will pay a median price of $413 per square foot for a home, as opposed to $556 per square foot in Los Angeles, which equates to a median home price of $824,000. Large numbers of homeowners in L.A. and Orange County have been relocating to the area, which offers a landscape of both beaches and farmland. Beach houses typically run $1 million and up.

#7. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg is a suburban city with a median home price of $262,000—less than the national median. This capital city of Pennsylvania is ideally located: it’s two hours by car from Philly and Baltimore, two-and-a-half hours from D.C., and about three hours from NYC. Its location can be ideal for those who work remotely but want to be close enough to the office to be able to make a visit when necessary. Harrisburg’s affordability can make it appealing to first-time buyers, though prices are rising steadily.

#6. Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix has a reasonable cost of living, and with a median home price of $412,260 its home affordability is a draw for many buyers out West. The city’s strong tech sector, shopping, dining, and seven military bases have bolstered the local real estate market, and builders have been trying to keep pace with housing demand.

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