13 10, 2019
  • Are Hard Money Lenders Loan Sharks

Are Hard Money Lenders “Loan Sharks”?

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If you're like many people - especially those just starting out in real estate investing - you've heard all kinds of things about hard money lenders. Some of them are myths, and some of them might be true (or at least half-true). But are hard money lenders what you'd call "loan sharks"? Here's what you need to know. Are Hard Money Lenders "Loan Sharks"? Hard money lenders are definitely not loan sharks. Check out the official definition of a loan shark: Hard money lenders are typically well-established and reputable, and they certainly don't do anything illegal or charge extremely high

11 11, 2017

How to Determine ARV

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When you borrow money from a hard money lender, your lender will come out and look at the property to determine its after-repair value, or ARV. But you shouldn’t even go that far unless you’ve evaluated the property’s ARV yourself – otherwise, you could be about to sink your money into a losing deal. How to Determine ARV Your preliminary research on a house should include looking at other, similar houses that are in better condition and determining what they’re selling for. These are called comparables (comps for short). They’re recently sold and for-sale properties similar to the subject property,

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