6 05, 2024

Real Estate Market Analysis: Tools and Techniques for Investors

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Conducting a thorough real estate market analysis is essential for investors to make informed decisions. This guide outlines various tools and techniques that can aid in understanding market trends and property values. Real Estate Market Analysis: Tools and Techniques for Investors In this guide, we'll cover: Importance of real estate market analysis Key data points to consider in market analysis Utilizing online tools and resources The role of local market expertise Analyzing market trends for future investments Here's a closer look at each. Importance of Real Estate Market Analysis Real estate market analysis is a critical tool for investors to

1 03, 2022

Hard Money Loan Down Payment Requirements

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Although hard money loans are very different from conventional loans, there's a good chance that you'll need to put down a down payment in order to borrow from a hard money lender. This guide explains hard money loan down payment requirements and how they affect your ability to borrow. How Much Money Do You Need to Put Down on a Hard Money Loan? Most hard money lenders require you to put down 10 percent of a home’s after repair value as a down payment. However, every situation is different, and you should talk to a hard money lender about your

27 02, 2022

How Does a Hard Money Loan Work?

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If you're like many investors, you've heard of hard money loans. But how do they work, and could one of them be right for you? This guide explains. How Does a Hard Money Loan Work? Money loans work a lot like regular loans do, but there are some key differences. First, you can get the cash from a hard money loan much more quickly than you could if you were to borrow from a traditional lender. Additionally, your interest rate will likely be a little higher, and you'll have to repay the loan much faster than you'd have to repay

7 06, 2019

Millennial Investors Leading The Housing Market Charge

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There are over 75.4 million Millennials in the US and over 55 percent of them polled by Harris Interactive said they were interested in real estate investing. Couple this fact with the Bank of America Survey that claims that one in six Millennials have more than $100K in their savings, and you can see that this generation is sure to alter the real estate investing forecast. More Millennials believe that real estate investing produces better returns than the stock market. More than eight out of ten of them believe that real estate is a good investment according to a Fannie

23 12, 2015

About Hard Money Lender Rates

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As with any type of financing, hard money lender rates can vary. In fact, you’ll find that even within Atlanta, hard money lenders’ interest rates can be significantly different. Most hard money loans are available at rates between 10 and 18 percent, although you will find some that charge higher interest rates. What Does Paces Funding Charge for Interest? Interest rates here vary from 13 to 15 percent per annum, interest only, depending upon the collateral and the loan structure. Why Do Hard Money Loan Interest Rates Vary? As with traditional financing, hard money loan interests vary between lenders. Typically,

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