Going Green As a Real Estate Investor and Landlord

Going Green As A Real Estate Investor And Landlord

Did you know that as a landlord you can actively employ green spaces to increase retention rates, competitiveness, property value and a sense of community? We recently discussed how community gardens in multifamily units are amenities that can set your rental property apart from the competition. If opting to include green spaces like a community garden or adding a green roof instead of a traditional roof, you will need to establish some ground rules, of course.

Establishing Ground Rules For Green Spaces On Rental Units

Generally, people interested in community gardens will want to avoid pesticides. Part of the allure of gardening is growing food that is pesticide free. Make sure that you include any rules like “no pesticide use” on the plot rental agreement. Even if you have separated gardening plots within your community garden, you will most likely want to establish rules.

Should You Allow Composting?

Composting on the property in the traditional manner can bring pests and look unappealing. Unless your rental property is in an area with ample acreage, it’s probably a bad idea to allow traditional composting. Consider providing tenants with a composting tumbler like the Compost Wizard Jr. or the Hot Frog Mobile Dual-Chamber. This helps people renting your property feel as though they are making greener choices. When afforded this opportunity, you will likely notice your tenants taking greater responsibility for the property in general.

Considering Rain Water Collection?

If local ordinances allow it, you can also employ a rain water collection tank. This saves on watering costs and people love them! Some municipalities don’t allow for the collection of rain water. So, just be sure to double check with the ordinances in your municipality or county before installing a rain water collection tank. In many ways though these tanks are very advantageous.

Green Roof?

If you need a new roof and it fits with the design, a green roof might be the one thing that could draw tenants willing to greatly increase their commute to be able to live beneath a green roof. These roofs are more expensive to install, but save on energy costs in the long run and can be a major attention drawer. This idea might seem way out there, but it certainly is something that property investors are looking into as the demand for greener rental properties increases.

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