11 03, 2022
  • Are Hard Money Loans a Good Idea?

Are Hard Money Loans a Good Idea?

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If you're a real estate investor, a hard money loan may be a great idea for you. However, these loans aren't right for everyone. In fact, they aren't even right for all investors. This guide explains whether hard money loans are a good idea, and in which situations they can work in your favor. Are Hard Money Loans a Good Idea? Hard money loans are only a good idea if you need to borrow money for a very short period of time, you're willing to spend more than average on interest, and you need to borrow on the after repair

7 06, 2019

Millennial Investors Leading The Housing Market Charge

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There are over 75.4 million Millennials in the US and over 55 percent of them polled by Harris Interactive said they were interested in real estate investing. Couple this fact with the Bank of America Survey that claims that one in six Millennials have more than $100K in their savings, and you can see that this generation is sure to alter the real estate investing forecast. More Millennials believe that real estate investing produces better returns than the stock market. More than eight out of ten of them believe that real estate is a good investment according to a Fannie

10 01, 2019

Investing In Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate – Market Report

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We supply hard money loans to real estate investors in Jacksonville, because we have faith in this market. Jacksonville has one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing populations. It has a steady economy. Plus, it features climbing rental rates. That makes Jacksonville a Florida city worth investing in. If you choose to invest in Jacksonville, you will be pleased with its affordable entry prices. Plus, you'll find average cap rates above 7 percent and payroll growth that is above the national average. With Jacksonville's 34,000 military-affiliated personnel in need of housing, you won't just make money investing in real estate in this

17 12, 2018

Investing In Real Estate? Keep An Eye On Greenville, South Carolina

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Real estate investors, especially those with an artistic eye, should consider investing in Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville has about 68,000 people living in it and it was once an old mill town. Now? It's a vibrant city of the arts. It's attracting other artists, young professionals and young millennial families. The prices on homes is growing at a strong pace and the economy is up. It was once associated with textiles and manufacturing plants, but about a decade ago, the town changed its scene. A three-day festival known as Artisphere created an artsy hook. That spark grew into a marketing

16 12, 2018

Investing In Asheville Real Estate

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The unique city of Asheville, North Carolina has even caught the attention of Forbes magazine. Indeed, Forbes listed Asheville as among the top 25 biggest boom markets in the United States. The gorgeous mountain city is one of the area's most sound real estate investment markets. Boom markets aren't a common occurrence, but Asheville is absolutely a boom market. Year to year, home prices in Asheville are jumping by as much as 15 percent! Real Estate Properties In Asheville Asheville has a wide assortment of properties available including the following: Land for sale in Asheville Asheville green homes Historic homes

10 10, 2018

What Is Equity Investment?

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If you're just thinking about becoming an investor, you may have heard the term, "Equity Investment." So, what is equity investment? Well, simply put, it's the share of cash that you put into an investment. If a company that you put money into has a profit, you can earn money on your investment through a dividend, right? This lets some of the company's profits get divided by shareholders. In trading, equity means your share of stock. In real estate, you could have an equity investment in a limited partnership or limited liability company. Also, real estate investment opportunities are often

27 07, 2017

Why Hard Money Loans Are the Smart Choice for Busy REIs

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The term hard money lender isn't exactly what it sounds like. In reality, working with a hard money lender is a smart way to obtain short-term financing for your real estate investments. In their simplest form, hard money loans are a form of financing with shorter repayment terms than a conventional loan has. Why Do Professional Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Financing? Many professional real estate investors use hard money financing because it fills a legitimate need. First off, hard money offers you a chance to secure funds quickly instead of the going through the grind of qualifying for

17 01, 2017

How to Find a Great Atlanta Contractor

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Flipping a house isn’t a one-person job, and that means you need a great team in place. But when it comes to Atlanta contractors, how do you know you’re getting the best of the best? How to Find a Good Atlanta Contractor If you’re hiring an Atlanta contractor, start asking for recommendations from family and friends. You can (and should) even ask your hard money lender in Atlanta for a few contacts. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few good contractors, start conducting phone interviews. Call and ask: Do you do projects of this scope? May I have

27 12, 2016

REI Resources for Beginners

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Not all real estate investors were born into the business. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering if you’ll continue this venture after flipping your first home or finding a tenant for your commercial building. Should you decide that real estate investing is your calling, where can you go to learn more? Most real estate investors didn’t start at the top—they were rookies once, too. In a business where you’re often working alone, how do you find what it takes to be the best? Network You’ll learn a lot by networking locally with other real estate investors. It is

22 12, 2016

Take Your Emotions OUT of the Home-Buying Process!

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If you’re like most real estate investors, spotting a great deal can get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. While it can be exciting, you’ll want to make sure you’re not acting like a kid on Christmas morning each time you spot a potential bargain. Calming your emotions and keeping a level head will help you make rational decisions. If You're a New REI... ­­In the beginning of your investment journey, you’ll probably find several homes or buildings that speak to you immediately. If you’re able to recognize what is pulling you to that property, you’ll need to ask yourself

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