25 10, 2016
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Tenants’ Improvements and Betterments (TIBs)

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Tenants’ improvements and betterments (or TIBs) are when a renter makes changes to a property or building that will increase its value. As a commercial landlord, your lease should include a clause about these upgrades and how they become your property at the time of the update. These improvements could include anything from installing new carpet, adding fixtures, or even building an addition. Basically, this means that anything your tenant attaches to your building permanently becomes yours. Who Covers the Expenses of Insurance? How you go about insuring these items depends on your lease. If your tenant is responsible for maintaining the

26 05, 2016
  • 3 Tips for Valuing a Commercial Property

3 Tips for Valuing a Commercial Property

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  Many real estate investors understand the value of walking around a residential neighborhood to gauge the potential investment value of a property. However, fewer REIs place the same importance on walking a commercial property. However, if you know what to look for, you can glean some valuable insight into value of commercial real estate. Valuing Commercial Property: Typical Vehicles and People in the Area As you walk through the area, make note of what you see. Do you feel safe as you walk? What kinds of cars and trucks do you see? Is the neighborhood demographic appropriate for the

12 11, 2015
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Investors and Developers: Could You Use Hard Money?

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In some cases, investors and developers are better off taking out a hard money loan than using a traditional loan. So when is a hard money loan better for developers and investors? Typically, hard money is a better choice when an investor or developer: Needs to close quickly and following traditional funding routes would take too long. Often, banks and other traditional lenders take several weeks – if not longer – to process the paperwork on a loan. Has several good opportunities but not enough cash to accept them all. Banks won’t extend credit if it appears you’ll become over-extended.