2 More Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Look for This Year According to New Poll

2 More Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Look for This Year, According to New Poll

Whether you’re in the planning stages of the design for your new flip, or you’ve already begun to tear down walls, if you want an insider’s look at bathroom designs that will resonate with buyers this year you’ll definitely want to take a moment to read further.

In its annual poll of top interior designers and home improvement professionals, Fixr.com, a home improvement website, sought to gain insight into bathroom remodeling trends expected to emerge this year. The poll included 68 individuals who were chosen based on expertise, establishment in the industry, and overall industry impact. We’ve summarized Fixr’s findings below.

Black Accents

This year 71 percent of design experts say the popularity of black accents in the bath will continue in some capacity (it first began to overtake the white-on-white bathroom aesthetic in 2020) to create moody, unique spaces. You can easily incorporate black into your bathroom design without it being a focal point. In fact, 34 percent of experts believe the hue will be balanced out with a variety of colors and tones—from bold reds and turquoises, to mellow tans, grays, and whites.

To try black accents in the bathroom of your flip consider matte black hardware and fixtures, or black accent tile in the shower. For even more of a commitment think about white marble countertops with black veining. Be sure that your accents work together to create a cohesive design.

Natural Stone and Bold Colors

When it came to ways to make a statement in the bathroom there was almost a 3-way tie between using natural stone on walls and countertops, laying bold-colored shower tile, and having bold-colored cabinets—each feature received more than 30 percent of the vote of poll participants. To make a statement in your master bathroom, consider the distinctive color and veining of natural stone to give it its own unique vibe. Or, think about using bold-colored accents with tile or cabinets to create spunk and personality.

To try out one of these trends without making a major design or financial commitment consider simply painting your existing cabinets a bold color and coordinating that hue with small accessories throughout.