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14 08, 2017
  • what is after repaired value on a hard money loan in atlanta ga

How After-Repaired Value Can Affect Your Hard Money Loan

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Hard money loans are a convenient method for investors to work with lenders to purchase property, especially property that will be flipped or developed for sale as a short-term profit enterprise. Hard money lenders are looking to work with investors in a partnership that allows investors the funds to repair existing buildings or commercial constructions for their resale potential. There are lenders who will consider providing loans based on the after-repaired value, or ARV. To take the ARV into consideration requires an appraisal of value before specific repairs or changes planned for the property take place. Usually, an ARV appraisal

14 05, 2017

What is After-Repaired Value?

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When you’re taking out a hard money loan in Atlanta or any of the surrounding communities, you need to know that the loan can be based on the after-repaired value, or ARV, of a home. But what is ARV, and how does it affect your loan? What is After-Repaired Value? A home’s after-repaired value reflects the property’s value after it’s been fixed up—not its value in its current condition. How is ARV Calculated? In order to calculate a house’s ARV, a skilled appraiser will figure out its current value (based on its current condition, as-is). Based on a list of