Community Gardens for Rental Tenants

Community Gardens For Rental Tenants

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One very progressive concept some landlords across the nation have committed to is community gardens run by and for the tenants. One of the dreams behind home ownership these days is the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables. As a landlord, you can help tenants who are far from the goal of home ownership find some satisfaction by installing some raised beds for participating tenants to use as a community garden.

The only effort you technically need to put forth is arranging the agreement of this co-op and installing the raised beds. The tenant do the rest.

A garden might seem like a lot of work and a waste of time to some tenants, but to others it’s a solid amenity. Often, they are willing to pay for this amenity. It’s up to you if you want to simply provide the entire rental community with access to the community garden or if you’d rather rent out plots in the garden itself.

If you choose to rent out areas of the community garden, you can start by creating 4 foot by 4 foot squares of raised beds. Tenants can sign rental agreements and pay by the raised bed each month.

It’s a cool way to help offset grocery costs for your tenants, raise their spirits and attract new tenants too!

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