3 Easy Upgrades to Help You Flip Your House Faster

3 Easy Upgrades to Help You Flip Your House Faster

If you’re like many people, you know that an improved house can sell for quite a bit more than what you spent on it – and with these three cost-effective, easy upgrades, you may be able to bring in a larger profit while selling the house faster.

First things first: There’s never any guarantee on what can increase a home’s value and what will pay off at the closing table. However, you can improve your chances at making the profit you want by making these three easy upgrades:

  • Choose luxury cabinet hardware
  • Create an outdoor seating area
  • Invest in healthy landscaping

Here’s a closer look at each.

Upgrade #1: Choose Luxury Cabinet Hardware

Luxury cabinet hardware is a step above the standard. Take some time to thoughtfully choose the right pieces – those that match the space’s aesthetic and are weightier, more durable and more attractive than basic hardware.

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Upgrade #2: Create an Outdoor Seating Area

You don’t have to completely furnish an outdoor seating area to “sell” it to prospective buyers, but you should carve one out. Buyers are all about entertaining and outdoor living space, and making this improvement can even mean selling the property at a higher profit than you anticipated.

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Upgrade #3: Invest in Healthy Landscaping

Again, buyers love outdoor living space, so investing in healthy landscaping is in your best interest. Look for native plants and place them around the yard, make sure the deck or patio is in great condition, and fill in any patches in the grass.

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