Why Your Flip Needs a Deck Porch or Patio

Why Your Flip Needs a Deck, Porch or Patio

Published On: April 1st, 2020Last Updated: May 8th, 2020Categories: Flipping, Hard MoneyTags: , , ,

Buyers love outdoor spaces, whether the space is a place for an indoor party to flow outside, a spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or a perch to wave at passersby—many buyers see outdoor spaces as extensions of indoor living. For your next flip consider the benefits.


A deck is a great selling feature. It’s a space to have coffee and read the paper, to partake of scenic views, and to unwind with an evening of stargazing. When hosting indoor parties or get-togethers homeowners can open the doors leading to their deck and let guests step out into the night air. Decks can be especially ideal for homes that are on the smaller side, since they can increase overall living space.


If you want to give your home a warm and welcoming feel a porch can be the way to go. Porches allow homeowners to people watch, engage with passersby, and to enjoy a refreshing morning or a relaxing evening as the day winds down. During the hot summer months they provide seated shade from the beaming sun. Porches can be outfitted with ceiling fans for added comfort, or be screened-in to keep bugs at bay. And don’t forget the quintessential rocking chairs and porch swings that make this home feature so very special.


If your budget doesn’t allow for a porch or deck, consider a patio. These ground-level additions are typically made using stone pavers, tiles, or gravel, and can be configured to any size to accommodate lots of furniture. You can add a feature like a fire pit, which can be great for potential buyers to enjoy with family and friends on chilly evenings. To provide shade on sunny, hot days, you can cover your patio with a pergola. Your buyer will thank you.

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