Take Your Emotions out of the Home buying Process

Take Your Emotions OUT of the Home-Buying Process!

If you’re like most real estate investors, spotting a great deal can get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. While it can be exciting, you’ll want to make sure you’re not acting like a kid on Christmas morning each time you spot a potential bargain. Calming your emotions and keeping a level head will help you make rational decisions.

If You’re a New REI…

­­In the beginning of your investment journey, you’ll probably find several homes or buildings that speak to you immediately. If you’re able to recognize what is pulling you to that property, you’ll need to ask yourself if this feature would draw the same reaction from an average buyer or tenant. Make sure you’re not making the purchase personal.

Having fond memories of steam engines may cloud your judgment and make you forget that most reasonable people are turned off by living next to train tracks. Just because you find a home or office building fascinating—doesn’t mean it is. Before making a quick bid on a property, make sure it’s something you can market.

List the Pros and Cons

Creating a list of pros and cons and researching what buyers want, prior to making an offer, will allow you some extra time to process the information before jumping in. If you find that the property is still desirable, check out what other homes in the area are selling for to make sure it’s worth it. Putting your emotions to the side will help you in the long run.

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