Should You Look for Flips on Ebay

Should You Look for Flips on EBay?

Published On: January 25th, 2016Last Updated: January 25th, 2016Categories: Investment, REIs

Not many of people think of using Ebay to buy a property, but it actually has been done enough times that the website has an entire separate real estate section just for these purchases. Here is what you need to look for when you are perusing Ebay to find a potential house to flip.

“No Minimum” Sales

When looking for listings, be sure to use the key phrases “no minimum” or “no reserve” to find the best deals. These auctions have no minimum purchase, meaning that there is no limit for how cheap the property will sell for.

Look for Rehabs

Another good phrase to include in your search is “fixer-upper”, or an equivalent term. Since you don’t want to buy a home for its maximum value, this search method will show properties that are in need of home repairs, and are therefore cheaper.

Sort Your Results

Playing around with the sorting options is a good way to see different results. For example, you can set your search result preferences to show the listing price from “lowest to highest” in order to automatically display the best deals on top.

Eliminate Undesirable Keywords

Ebay’s search preferences also allow you to exclude certain phrases if you think they are unhelpful. Use this option to get rid of any undesirable properties such as timeshare homes, empty lots, condominiums, and co-ops.

Combine Your Strategies

If you use these strategies in conjunction with each other, you will be able to use Ebay to find cheap local properties in need of rehabilitation, and with no minimum sale.

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