Should You Invest in Real Estate with a Partner

Should You Invest in Real Estate With a Partner?

Published On: January 15th, 2016Last Updated: January 15th, 2016Categories: Hard Money

As an investor, you’re running a business. Naturally, there’s more than one way to run a successful real estate investing business – and in some cases, working with a partner is the right choice.

Should You Invest in Real Estate With a Partner?

Keep in mind that any time you change your business structure, whether you are operating a sole proprietorship or an LLC, you need to notify the proper authorities say you don’t run the risk of running afoul of the law.

That said, there are a number of things you need to consider before you choose to take on a partner.

Working With Another REI

When you work with a partner, you may find yourself with more time, knowledge and capital. Naturally, you two can learn from each other by sharing your strategies – and in most cases, that can provide an exceptional boost to your business.

If you’re searching for a new partner, remember that it’s a good idea to find someone who complements your strengths. You may be a jack of all trades or the master of a few, so choosing a partner who’s an expert in areas where you could use some improvement is typically a smart choice.

However, remember that personality clashes, different work ethics and disagreements can slow down projects and cut into your profits.

Remember, too, that depending on your business structure and the type of partnership you put together, you may be legally responsible for the things your partner does.

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