4 Low cost Ways to Improve the Kitchen in Your Investment Property

4 Low-Cost Ways to Improve the Kitchen in Your Investment Property

Published On: January 13th, 2016Last Updated: January 13th, 2016Categories: Home Improvements, Investment

In most homes, the kitchen is a high-traffic area – it’s a place where families gather, have discussions and typically enjoy spending time.

In the real estate business, the kitchen helps contribute to the overall worth of property (which makes sense, because the kitchen is often the central component of any home).

However, it can easily be the most expensive room to improve. Many real estate investors skimp in the kitchen because they’re worried they won’t see a good return on investment. In some cases, they’re right… But there are some low cost ways to improve kitchens that nearly always pay off.

Focus On Cabinetry

Unless older cabinets are falling apart, you probably don’t need to remove them. Sometimes an afternoon of sanding, repainting and polishing can bring them back to life. Replace outdated knobs and handles with a sleek, new models.

Fix the Fixtures

Adding a stylish faucet puts a modern twist on in the kitchen. Typically, this is a DIY job – just make sure you turn off the water source before you begin working. (There are some amazing budget faucets available at many home improvement stores; in fact, for under $50, you’ll be able to revitalize the entire sink.)

Repaint the Walls

You’ll probably put a fresh coat of paint everywhere in the home before you attempt to sell it – but don’t forget the kitchen. Experts suggest choosing a pain color that is in stark contrast with your cabinetry. Remember that light colors make a space look larger, and big kitchens are the way to go.

Create Uniform Appliance Panels

If the home comes with appliances, you may not need to replace them. Typically, ordering new appliance panels from a wholesaler is a great way to spruce up the way kitchen looks without spending a fortune. Matching appliance panels will give your kitchen the congruency that homebuyers love.

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