Quick Tips for Getting Your Offer Accepted

Quick Tips For Getting Your Offer Accepted

Published On: August 15th, 2018Last Updated: August 15th, 2018Categories: Commercial, Flipping, Foreclosures, Hard Money, Investing, Investment, Investment Properties, Short Sales

There really are tricks to getting your offer accepted over someone else’s offer. You just need to know how to structure the deal. Obviously, proof of funds and pre-approvals for any loans you will get are critically important to a seller choosing your offer. Many won’t even entertain an offer without them. Also, remember that to some people, the terms are even more important than the actual money. Your offer might be higher in actual dollars, but if your offer has more complicated terms, they might just pass on you. Don’t create extra issues. Try to meet the sellers on as many points as you can. Not only does this give them less to negotiate over, but it makes them feel like you value their terms. Using as few contingencies as possible will make your offer sweeter than someone who offer even thousands more in many cases.

Think about it, if you can save the seller time, you’re also saving the seller money.

So, make sure you know what inspections actually matter to you. If it won’t change your desire to purchase the property, why bother? Make sure that you have a way out, obviously, but the less inspections you require, the more attractive your offer will look.

If you know that there’s competition, make your first offer your best offer. Otherwise, you may lose the property. While, you will want to be quick to offer, being slower in your response to their counter offer can usually create just enough fear of loss in the seller to help gain you some leverage.

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