More on Landlords and Accepting Section 8

More on Landlords and Accepting Section 8

Published On: April 9th, 2017Last Updated: April 9th, 2017Categories: Investment PropertiesTags: , , ,

If you read our last post about accepting Section 8 vouchers, here’s even more information that you’ll need to know before you buy a rental property. These are some common issues landlords run into.

What Happens When You Accept Section 8?

Here are a few more things you need to know about working with Section 8 properties.

  • Section 8 doesn’t cover security deposits. Security deposits are not paid by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. In addition, the laws are different for Section 8 tenants and how much you’re able to charge for a security deposit. You’ll want to check into your local housing authority for verification. Some landlords waive the deposit completely, but the result is usually not favorable.
  • You’ll be required to comply with frequent inspections. Annual health and safety inspections by the Public Housing Authority are required for you to maintain your Section 8 status. As needed inspections are also conducted when there is a complaint by a tenant. An extensive 13-point checklist must be passed for the government to continue your payments. If you’re not in compliance, your tenant can find other suitable housing.
  • You might be in for a lot of paperwork. The application and re-certification process for landlords can be tedious. You’ll also find that you must be highly detailed and accurate with all your accounting and documentation. One mistake could be costly.

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