7 07, 2019

Should You Buy a Rental Property?

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Hanging on to a property and renting it out can be a tremendously profitable endeavor - but should you try it? Maybe. Here's what you need to know. Should You Buy a Rental Property? Flipping houses - the process of buying an affordable home, fixing it up and selling it for a profit - isn't for everyone. It's a bit too risky for some, although it can pay off to the tune of tens of thousands if done properly. But buying a rental property might be a good choice. If you're going to be a landlord, here's what to look

9 04, 2017

More on Landlords and Accepting Section 8

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If you read our last post about accepting Section 8 vouchers, here's even more information that you'll need to know before you buy a rental property. These are some common issues landlords run into. What Happens When You Accept Section 8? Here are a few more things you need to know about working with Section 8 properties. Section 8 doesn't cover security deposits. Security deposits are not paid by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. In addition, the laws are different for Section 8 tenants and how much you’re able to charge for a security deposit. You’ll want to check into your

8 04, 2017

If You’re a Landlord, Should You Accept Section 8?

2017-04-08T10:00:29-04:00April 8th, 2017|Categories: Investment Properties|Tags: , , |

As a landlord, you may be wondering if you are required to accept Section 8 vouchers. Housing laws vary from state to state, so if you're not from Georgia, here's where you need to go to check out our requirements: http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/RentalAssistance/programs/downloads/LandlordGuide.pdf. What is Section 8? Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is government assistance for qualifying low-income individuals or families. The voucher subsidizes a portion of the tenant’s monthly rent; allowing them affordable housing. So what can you expect if you participate in the Section 8 program? Timely payments. The government will pay their portion of the rent

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