Your Next Flip 5 Kitchen Trends for 2020

Your Next Flip: 5 Kitchen Trends for 2020

Published On: January 1st, 2020Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

As you look ahead to future flips, consider these kitchen trends forecast for 2020 by and Elle Décor.

Slab Backsplashes

Many designers are moving away from subway tiles, and other smaller tile backsplashes, and opting for slabs of materials like marble and quartz for a more seamless look. “A slab backsplash is so clean, yet adds the right amount of drama to a kitchen,” said Bailey Austin of Bailey Austin Design, according to Elle Décor. A slab might be just the right ingredient in your kitchen design to entice potential buyers.

Mixed Handles on Kitchen Cabinetry

Get a handle on your kitchen flips by mixing up the hardware on cabinet doors. Alternate cabinets with pairs of handles and pairs of knobs, or install either handles or knobs of different colors—in each variation be consistent with the material you use. Or, if you choose to incorporate different materials into your design, be sure to use either all handles or all knobs to maintain a degree of uniformity. suggests that matte black hardware and accents will be the new neutral for black-and-white kitchens.

Double Islands

Yes, you read that right. Seeing double just might be a good thing for your kitchen designs in 2020. Double islands can be a way to keep traffic flowing easily in your kitchen by separating the space for meal prep from the space where the family sits to eat breakfast, have a snack, or lounge while waiting for dinner. The island for meal prep should obviously be equipped with a sink. If there’s room in your budget for a double island, don’t think twice.

Navy-colored Millwork

Navy is the color of the moment and it’s expected to extend its run into 2020. Although it is a very specific color, navy can act as a refreshing accent in your design or color scheme. Custom navy cabinets and other millwork have become increasingly in-demand. Designer Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors told Elle Décor, “We love a classic white kitchen, but lately we’ve seen requests for navy millwork…It blends beautifully with marble and brass.”

Dramatic Light Fixtures

Super-high-end light fixtures installed in creative ways are the new black for 2020, according to This is great news for you if there’s no room in your budget for a kitchen overhaul. Dramatic light pendants, wall sconces that flank a stovetop, under cabinet lighting, and anything thoughtful and unexpected can help transform your ugly duckling into a swan.

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