Whos Responsible for Duplex Lawn Maintenance

Who’s Responsible for Duplex Lawn Maintenance?

Published On: September 1st, 2016Last Updated: January 9th, 2024Categories: Business, Investment, Real Estate, REIs

After purchasing and renovating a duplex, there are some things to consider before drafting a lease. Maintenance issues are not only a legality—they can make or break whether a tenant is attracted to your property.

Renters rent for a number of reasons, and a major one is low- to no maintenance of the dwelling. Renters expect that if a major issue arises inside or out, it will be taken care of.

But what about lawn maintenance?

This can get tricky in a duplex situation.

Lease Agreements and Lawn Maintenance in Atlanta

It is becoming common to see lease agreements specifying that tenants are responsible for the lawn maintenance of a duplex.

There are a few scenarios you should think of when deciding who will be responsible for the lawn care. What if you have a tenant on one side who enjoys gardening and mowing the lawn, while the other tenant thinks that having grass a foot tall is no big deal?

If you hold your tenants responsible for the lawn maintenance, should you provide the equipment? Would it be easier if you just did the lawn maintenance yourself?

These are all important questions, and you have a better chance of handling it up-front than through trial and error.

Having the right verbiage in your lease agreement will eliminate a lot of questions and problems in the long run.

Should you decide that your tenants be responsible for the lawn maintenance, make sure you specify this, along with any aesthetic requirements (grass is to be mowed and trimmed according to city ordinance, garden is to be weeded on a regular basis, lawn is to be watered, etc.). Make it clear that if the tenants do not abide by this, you will add an extra specified amount per month to the rent.

If your tenants agree to keep the lawn kempt, specify who is responsible for providing the lawn equipment. Should you decide to provide the tools, make sure that each item is stated in the lease agreement, too. Keep in mind that most renters do not have their own equipment, so this may be another way to ensure that the maintenance will be done.

Another route you could take is to just do-it-yourself or hire a landscaper. Adding the cost up front and specifying that the landlord is responsible for all lawn maintenance in the lease agreement will give you peace of mind that your property is being taken care of. In most cases, many renters will find this to be an attractive option. It also allows you to take a peek at your property every once in a while.

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