What Millennials Want from Rental Properties

What Millennials Want From Rental Properties

Millennials are the largest generation we’ve ever had. If you own rental properties, it’s wise to know what this generation is looking for in a rental property. Here are the main factors Millennials are looking for in a rental property.

Close To Work

Millennials like to live near where they work. They aren’t as concerned about the quality of schools or whether or not the neighborhood is quiet. They are mostly seeking rental properties close to work. They don’t want to commute far. If they can ride their bike or walk to work, even better. They’re also happy to hop on the bus to head to work too.

Modern Kitchens

More than any other quality inside of the rental unit, Millennials seek a large, modern kitchen. The kitchen is where they will hang out. It’s where they will entertain. They need it to be functional. They are looking for rental properties with high tech upgrades and lots of storage.

Pets Allowed

Millennials are willing to pass on a rental unit that doesn’t allow pets. This might not seem like that big of a deal until you consider that over three-quarters of Millennials have pets. Allowing pets in rental units is a major consideration for any landlord of course, but there are ways to protect yourself and allow pets at the same time.

High-Speed Internet

This generation connects with others, works, and is entertained online. They require high-speed internet. This is almost non-negotiable for most Millennials. Many would lose their jobs or be unable to function in school without high-speed internet. Generally, internet with data caps like satellites isn’t sufficient. They are looking for fiber optics or cable internet.

Entertainment Choices Nearby

Millennials are searching for places within a bus ride or bike ride of entertainment venues like sports arenas, concert venues, night clubs or coffee houses. Consider this when choosing between multiple investment options.

Green Living

If your trash service doesn’t offer recycling, check to see if there are options for this service. Install LED lightbulbs, energy saving thermostats that they can program from their wireless devices, and efficient appliances. When replacing the air conditioner or furnace, look into ductless mini-splits. When landscaping, consider adding a community garden, butterfly habitat, or permaculture.

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