What is the Most Popular Home Style of 2020 So Far

What Is the Most Popular Home Style of 2020 So Far?

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What is the Most Popular Home Style of 2020 So Far

A recent survey conducted by Homes.com asked more than 5,000 Americans across the country to identify their favorite home styles.

Participants in the survey were shown photos of popular home styles and asked to vote on which was their favorite of the following seven choices: mid-century modern ranch, Spanish-colonial/Southwest, modern farmhouse, Bohemian craftsman, Tudor, Italianate, and French chateau.

The clear winner was the modern farmhouse. This style was preferred by respondents in the majority of states (42 states), which were mostly concentrated in the East, Southeast, and Northwest portions of the country.

Participants found the modern farmhouse to be visually pleasing, cozy, and “a nice big home for a family,” according to Homes.com.

The second-most popular style was the mid-century modern ranch, which was the choice of residents in Southwest states like Arizona and Colorado, and in Midwestern states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. They felt the design had clean lines and a minimalist, natural look.

What was the least favorite home style? The study revealed that most Americans weren’t fans of Italianate-style homes. In 36 states Italianate homes scored the smallest number of votes for favorite style.

In states like Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Illinois the Spanish colonial/Southwest style was the least liked, the study found. This style, which usually has features like stucco walls, red tile roofs, and enclosed courtyards, is prevalent in Southwestern portions of the country—as its name implies. This begs the question: are the styles most liked by Americans the ones they see most often in their own neighborhoods? No, says Homes.com.

Here’s why. The survey asked participants which home styles were most common in their neighborhoods. The style most likely to be found was the Bohemian craftsman. Still, most Americans voted modern farmhouse homes as their favorite style.

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