What Do Millennials Want in a Home

What Do Millennials Want in a Home?

Published On: January 30th, 2017Last Updated: January 30th, 2017Categories: Hard Money, SellingTags: , , , , , , ,

If you’re investing in real estate, you know you need to have what buyers want. But millennial homebuyers want different things than older homebuyers do – and your market research will tell you who’s more likely to be looking for a home in the neighborhood you’re investing in.

So what do millennials want in a home? Because we’re a hard money lender in Atlanta, we have a unique perspective… and in-depth knowledge of what younger buyers want.

What Millennials Want in a Home

First things first: millennials want a turn-key home that doesn’t require much work, according to Bankrate.

Like most other buyers, millennials love updated bathrooms and kitchens. Remember, too, that they want energy efficiency and appliances they aren’t going to need to replace within the next couple of years.

Millennials are likely to know that kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive spaces to update, so they’ll appreciate your efforts in these two areas when they make an offer on the home. Just be sure that you’re working with the best contractors in Atlanta and that you know about the best kitchen and bath showrooms in Atlanta, too.

Open floor plans are really popular among millennials, too. If you can make the home appear larger by opening up the space, it may be worth your investment when it’s time to sell.

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