Under cabinet Lighting Makes a Home Feel More Expensive

Under-Cabinet Lighting Makes a Home Feel More Expensive

Published On: March 11th, 2020Last Updated: March 12th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

If you’re prepping a home to sell, you probably already know that you want it to be as appealing as possible to prospective buyrs. You provably also know that the more expensive it looks and feels, the better you’ll fare when it’s time to close the deal.

But did you know that something as simple as under-cabinet lighting can make a home feel more expensive? Here’s what you need to read about this ultra-chic way to spruce up a kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting Makes a Home Feel More Expensive

It’s no secret that installing under-cabinet lighting is easy and cost-effective. It gives a kitchen a high-end look without forcing you to spend a fortune, too. Sure, some under-cabinet lighting needs to be hard-wired into your electrical system – but there are several economically friendly options that have plug-in features or that run on batteries.

You can elevate the look of your counter space – and highlight the materials you used if you remodeled – with the right under-cabinet lighting. Check out these tips to pick the right stuff:

  • Put the lights at the front of the upper cabinet
  • Pick lensed fixtures to reduce glare on shiny counter tops
  • Match the color temperature of the downlights
  • Add dimmer switches wherever possible
  • Use LED fixtures when you can
  • Remember that a light-colored backsplash will reflect even more light

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