the Hidden Costs of Flipping a House

The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House

Published On: November 23rd, 2016Last Updated: November 23rd, 2016Categories: Business, Flipping, Hard Money, Hard Money LoansTags: , , , ,

If you’re like most people flipping a home, you’re probably seeing dollar signs. You’ve most likely purchased a house at a great price and are thinking of the after repair value. With quick turnaround times on flipped homes, it’s easy to forget about a few things.

The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House in Atlanta

While the costs of repairs are usually at the forefront of your expenditures, you’ll want to be sure that all the hidden costs you may incur are calculated before estimating a profit.


Most real estate investors plan to fix and flip more than one house in their career, so it would be a good idea to form an alliance with a Realtor®. A realtor can help you sell your flips quickly—allowing you to move on to the next one. Of course—they will charge you for it—so don’t forget to calculate realtor commissions into your expenses.

Property Insurance and Taxes

As a borrower, you’re required to insure your property. You’ll have to provide proof that you carry insurance on the property prior to closing on the loan. Even if you think the home is in a state of disrepair at the moment—anything can happen.

Do You Need a Hard Money Loan in Atlanta?

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