the Bathtub in Your Flip Reglaze Reline or Replace

The Bathtub in Your Flip: Reglaze, Reline, or Replace?

Published On: December 27th, 2019Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

The tub in your flip could probably use some love before you try to sell. Here’s what to consider.


If the surface of your tub has scratches, stains, chips, or other superficial flaws, it may simply need a cosmetic update. Reglazing can be a quick and relatively affordable option. This process, also known as refinishing, recoating, and resurfacing, involves sanding the surface of your tub, filling cracks and worn areas, applying multiple coats of primer and paint, and giving the tub a final buff. Reglazing is especially effective for cast iron claw foot tubs, says HomeAdvisor. Acrylic bathtubs are also good candidates, so long as surfaces do not have significant abrasions.


If your tub is in very poor condition, relining can be a good solution. Bath liners are an acrylic reproduction of your existing tub that contractors install over your bathtub and permanently attach using silicone acrylic and two-sided tape. If the design of your bath allows, you can do a full relining of the tub and surrounding tile if both are in bad shape.

A liner is relatively affordable, and you can change the color of your tub and surround. It typically takes one or two days to install, but the process of molding the acrylic liner replica, which requires detailed measurements, may take between one and two months.


When your existing tub and surrounding tiled walls are beyond restoration, or you simply want to change the configuration and look of your bath, a gut job is in order. This tends to be the most expensive and labor-intensive option, since you’ll obviously be removing the tub, wall tile, and drywall or plaster. When you go to replace the tub and tile you may decide to enhance your design by adding niches for shampoo and soap, and upgrading the shower head and bath hardware.

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