12 01, 2017

Flip a House in Atlanta: Is it as Easy as it Looks on TV?

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Is flipping a house as easy as it looks on TV? No. But it’s extremely rewarding… and if you play your cards right (read: you’re smart about it), you can turn a great profit when you flip a house in Atlanta. Flipping a House on TV vs. Flipping a House in the Real World Sure, flipping houses on television looks fast and easy. You buy the house, fix it up, and buyers will be lined up at the front door waiting to hand you stacks of cash. Right? Not exactly. If you want to flip a house in Atlanta, you

5 01, 2017

Finding Turn-Key Homes in a Seller’s Market

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With TV shows boosting the popularity of house-flipping as a business, people who ordinarily wouldn’t have ventured into real estate investment territory are jumping on the bandwagon. But if you’ve been in the business for a while, you know this isn’t a get-rich-quick scenario. You know that you still need to find the best deals, but the market is getting crowded with investors who aren’t… well, aren’t as invested as you are. So what do you do? Finding Turn-Key Homes in a Seller’s Market Like most real estate investors, you may find that Atlanta flips are hard to come by.

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