16 10, 2021

3 MORE Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Next Renovation

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Even if you’re a pretty experienced house flipper you may make certain mistakes that result in major setbacks. Here are some pitfalls to avoid. Not Setting Aside Money For Unexpected Expenses  It’s wise to create a cash reserve to cover unexpected costs, like replacing water-damaged floor joists, mold or asbestos remediation, termite extermination, or foundation repairs. You may also need to have cash set aside to cover additional mortgage payments in case your renovation runs over schedule. Not Considering Quantity When Ordering Materials Sounds weird, but here’s the deal. When ordering tile that you plan to use in more than

23 11, 2016

The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House

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If you’re like most people flipping a home, you’re probably seeing dollar signs. You’ve most likely purchased a house at a great price and are thinking of the after repair value. With quick turnaround times on flipped homes, it’s easy to forget about a few things. The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House in Atlanta While the costs of repairs are usually at the forefront of your expenditures, you’ll want to be sure that all the hidden costs you may incur are calculated before estimating a profit. Commissions Most real estate investors plan to fix and flip more than one

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