16 12, 2020

5 Interior Design Elements You Need for Modern Farmhouse Style

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If you want to give the interior of your flip some modern farmhouse style consider these design options. Not every element needs to be incorporated, but these will definitely evoke the modern farmhouse feel. Sliding Barn Doors Sliding barn doors are wildly popular in today’s modern farmhouse interior designs and can be great space savers for rooms that have small footprints where doors that swing open present a challenge. Barn doors can be constructed using wood panels like driftwood, pine, and reclaimed woods, which can be left in their natural state for a pastoral look. For a more modern appearance

11 12, 2020

4 Architectural Elements You Need for a Modern Farmhouse-Style Home

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You may have heard the term modern farmhouse bandied about a lot in 2020, and for good reason—it’s the favorite home style of a majority of Americans. In fact in a recent survey conducted by Homes.com Americans in 42 states identified it as their favorite home design. But what exactly is the modern farmhouse style? If you’re thinking about taking advantage of this popular home design for your next flip here are four important architectural elements you’ll need to consider. Front Porch A front porch is a staple of the modern farmhouse style and it gives the home a welcoming