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12 04, 2019

How To Determine How Much Paint You Will Need To Paint A Room

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As a landlord, do you ever just guess how much paint you will need to paint a room in your rental unit? Do you ever end up with not enough paint or way too much? A good rule of thumb is to know that a gallon of paint covers a surface area of around 300 to 400 square feet. Determining The Surface Area Of The Walls Of A Room You'll need a tape measure to determine the surface area of a room. The area of one wall can be determined by measuring the height from the floor to the ceiling

27 01, 2018
  • Which color for front door to sell a house.

How A Can Of Paint For The Front Door Can Increase Sale Price By $1,500

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If you earn money flipping houses, every upgrade needs to increase the sale value of your investment. You know you need to paint the front door, because it's weathered looking. But do you know what color to paint it to get the most money from the sale of the house? We do. Zillow analyzed thousands of photos from residential property sales. It looked at specific colors and specific locations on the houses that increased or decreased the average sale price, and by how much. Color makes a huge impact on buyers. Even though it would be easy for the buyer

10 05, 2017
  • should you replace vinyl siding on your investment property - atl hard money

Should You Replace Vinyl Siding on an Investment Property?

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First things first: If you replace the vinyl siding on your investment property, the national average of return on investment is about 80 percent (give or take a few points). However, that investment may be a good one—especially if you consider the boost in curb appeal. Should You Replace Vinyl Siding on an Investment Property? The job averages less than $11,000 across the nation, which means it’s relatively cost-effective (but that’s also a pretty large chunk of change). New vinyl siding will make the house look brand-new on the outside, but if you’re not making significant improvements to the inside

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