11 10, 2021

Before Your Next Renovation Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Mistakes

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For house flippers each renovation project presents a different set of experiences and challenges, and even flippers who have several projects under their belts can make mistakes that result in major setbacks. Read carefully so you can avoid some of these pitfalls. Not Planning a Budget  When setting your budget, if you rely on using estimations and ballpark figures you’re very likely to spend lots more than if you took time to plan out a more specific budget for each portion of your flip. Having a detailed budget can help you reallocate funds in case you want to spend a little

14 11, 2016

How to Deal With Late Rent During the Holidays

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While everyone is scrambling to get their festivities organized and shopping done, unfortunately, it's too common for rent payments to be put on the back burner. Landlords are faced with this problem each year, and if it's happened to you, you know that it's a tough decision (you know, whether  or not to be a Scrooge). Keeping a Professional Distance From Your Tenants If you're a landlord, you know that maintaining a professional relationship and not becoming involved in your tenant’s financial woes is a necessity. No one enjoys evicting a tenant—especially during the holiday season—but you should remember that this is

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