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23 07, 2017
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Great Investment or Money Pit? Watch for These Two Problems

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  Currently the housing market offers great buys for investors. However, sometimes a house is not as it appears. Naturally, you want houses that are in good condition, or need a small amount of work, to be able to make a fast turnaround. Unfortunately, many times something is not discovered until after the purchase is completed. A foundation is the basis of any house and must be in excellent condition if you expect to avoid spending a great deal of money having it replaced or repaired. When looking at the house check the foundation for cracks, crumbling cement or other

19 02, 2017
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Cost-Effective Improvements to Help You Sell Your Investment Property

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Real estate investing is all about maximizing profit, but to do that, you have to know where you can afford to save money… and where you can’t. With that said, therea re a handful of things you can do to help improve your resale value—and these are some of the most successful we’ve found. 3 Cost-Effective Fixes to Improve Your Resale Value Improvement Tip #1: Don’t Use Cheap Finishes We’ve talked about how cheap finishes can kill your sale, but there’s a little more to it than just looks. You’ll need to invest in quality—not just attractive (but still cheap)