14 05, 2018

Atlanta: One Of Top 10 Metros With People Willing To Be ‘Super Commuters”

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If you're a property investor, you should know, people are willing to be "super commuters" just to work in Atlanta. People seek cheaper housing away from the inner city, and are willing to drive for over 90-minutes just to work in the city. The trend is similar all across the nation, but Atlanta has an increasingly high number of super-commuters. That means that if you can snag a home outside of Atlanta, it might still be a good investment. A whopping 4 percent of Atlanta's working population commutes great distances to work. The city ranks ninth on the list of

11 05, 2018

Atlanta’s Entry-Level Homes In Extremely High Demand

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It's a great time to flip houses in Atlanta: Atlanta's entry-level homes are in extremely high demand. Across the nation, the housing inventory is historically low. Plus, over half of the available homes are consider on the high end price-wise.  A mere 22 percent of homes on the market right now are considered entry-level homes. In Atlanta, entry-level homes are even less available. A mere 13 percent of all homes in Atlanta are entry-level homes. Keep in mind that many homes out there are out of reach for first-time home buyers, because they can't pass an inspection. Sometimes, it's for

3 11, 2016

Fulton County Tax Foreclosure Sales (and How to Find Them)

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In the state of Georgia, it’s legal for the government to seize property, such as homes and land, for the nonpayment of taxes. According to the Georgia Department of Law, a homeowner’s obligation to pay property taxes is backed by the property itself. If a homeowner fails to pay, the county tax commissioner can sell the home to raise the amount due back in taxes. Often these homes sell for exceptionally low prices—but how does the whole process work? How Does a Property Get Seized? When a homeowner’s property taxes are past due, the tax collector can proceed through a

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