16 10, 2019

Do You Need Documentation for a Hard Money Loan?

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For many people, a hard money loan is the best way to go - especially when it comes to real estate investing. That's because hard money loans fund quickly (sometimes in as little as 48 hours), they're easy to deal with, and they're short-term, enabling the borrower to pay them off quickly and move on to the next investment property. But do you need documentation for a hard money loan, or can you walk right into an office and borrow tens of thousands of dollars with little or no paperwork? Here's what you need to know. Do You Need Documentation

3 08, 2017

Who Appraises the Property When You Get a Hard Money Loan?

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  Hard money loans offer great short term financing options for those needing a short term loan. This type of loan is very favorable for the investor looking to purchase a home and after fixing the home up, turn around and sell for greater profit. Hard money loans can help the investor buy time from closing on the home, making updated changes, to the resale of the newly remodeled home. Hard money loan lenders will lend 100% of the acquisition of the real estate parcel and repair costs. The terms of these loans are tailored to be the needs of

5 06, 2017

How Appraisers Compare Your House

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When you’re selling a rehabbed house, the buyer’s lender is going to send out an appraiser to see just how much it’s worth. That will tell the lender how much money they can be comfortable giving the buyer—but how does the appraiser arrive at his or her estimated value of the house? How Appraisers Compare Your House The appraiser will look at hundreds of factors to value the house you’re selling, from the age of the HVAC system to the quality and condition of the tile in the bathroom. Once the appraiser has a finger on the house’s pulse, he’ll

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