Should You Invest in Good Carpet Padding to Flip a House

Should You Invest In Good Carpet Padding To Flip A House?

Published On: February 14th, 2018Last Updated: February 14th, 2018Categories: Flipping, Hard Money, Investments, New Construction, Rehab Loans, Remodeling TipsTags: ,

You’ve got your eye on a potential investment property. You’re creating your budget. You want to cut some corners. Should you get cheap carpet padding?

Most investors find that a good carpet padding increases buyer interest even more than a good carpet would. Good padding can absolutely help you flip a house. Buyers assume that if you’re willing to invest in a quality padding, the home must have quality products everywhere. You can even go with a cheaper carpet if you choose a better padding. It wouldn’t even be deceptive. Quality padding can help even low grade padding last longer. The good padding can help carpet absorb the impact from traffic from below.

Plus, the feeling of nice carpet padding beneath a buyer’s feet goes a long way. It absolutely goes further than the same cost investment on a higher quality carpet. Keep in mind that residential carpet should have a minimum six-pound density rating, but many prefer an eight-pound padding. You can install up to half-inch carpet padding beneath cut pile carpet. Still, for berber carpet, you should keep it under 3/8 inch thickness.

Tip: If installing carpet padding yourself, don’t forget to cover all seams with seam tape!

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