Should You Ever Pay More Than the 70 Percent Rule Suggests

Should You Ever Pay More Than The 70 Percent Rule Suggests?

Published On: September 7th, 2018Last Updated: September 6th, 2018Categories: Flipping, Hard Money, Investing, Investment, Investment Properties, Real EstateTags: , ,

Yesterday, we discussed the 70 percent rule as it applies to flipping houses. Check out that previous blog post if you aren’t sure what the 70 percent rule is. Today’s question is whether you should ever pay more than the 70 percent rule suggests. For example, some beginner investors think that it’s OK to exceed the amount specified by the 70 percent rule in an appreciating market. After all, in a few months or by the time you finish your rehab, the After Repair Value should go up, right?

Typically, but that’s a big risk to take if it doesn’t! In markets like these, when it’s getting harder and harder to find deals and with dwindling inventory, stretching the 70 percent rule is something investors will do. That’s true. It’s a big gamble though and some say a huge mistake. What if the market stops appreciating?

Back during the housing crisis, most house flippers ended up getting into some major financial trouble. They thought the market would always rise, so didn’t think they needed to get a really good deal to make good money when flipping houses.

Look, it’s a really good rule to follow. It can help make sure that if prices don’t appreciate before you try to sell the house you just poured money into, that you’re investment is still safe!

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