Should You Add a Fire Pit Outside to Sell a Home

Should You Add a Fire Pit Outside to Sell a Home?

Published On: March 1st, 2020Last Updated: March 12th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

If you’re a real estate investor, you know your work is about appealing to a wide range of buyers or renters – and that may mean you want to improve the house’s outdoor living space. One way to do that is with a fire pit – but here’s what you need to know.

Should You Add a Fire Pit Outside to Sell a Home?

A fire pit definitely adds a splash of cozy fun to a backyard, but is it a good idea to install one in a house you’re going to sell or rent out?

If you’re selling, yes – it can be a great addition. Buyers love to see that they have outdoor living space to use. That outdoor living space is like an extension of what’s inside, and it contributes to a buyer’s favorable impression of the entire home.

However, if you’re buying a house to rent it out, you might want to skip the fire pit. The most obvious reason is that it can pose a hazard to your investment – one careless spark and you lose big. Besides, not all renters will maintain it; if you’re of the school of thought that less is more, you’re probably right in this instance.

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