Should I Install Seamless Gutters on My Rental Property

Should I Install Seamless Gutters On My Rental Property?

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Do you need to put up new gutters on one of your rental properties? Have you thought about having seamless gutters installed? Gutters are a fairly easy DIY job for the DIY enthusiast, and seamless gutters are not a DIY project. Sometimes that frustrates handy landlords, so seamed gutters are chosen. Some landlords report seamless gutters are worth it though.

Gutters are a simple concept, but a damaged gutter can do a great deal of damage to your rental property if the tenants don’t keep you posted. If you’re not at the property when it’s raining, you might not notice a gutter leaking, dripping down onto the top of a window, pushing at the caulk in a steady flow. You might not know that the leaky gutter is also sending water into the foundation. Some tenants will avoid letting landlords know about issues so that they don’t have to have the landlord in the home.

Seamless gutters are professionally created onsite and are more durable and less prone to leaks and damage. Of course, they cost more, but the investment might be worth it. First of all, seamless gutters are usually made of galvanized steel which is stronger than the aluminum and vinyl gutters available to the DIY-type. They don’t have seams, so they virtually never leak. The lack of seams also means that they are less likely to catch debris. The durability means they’re less likely to become damaged in a storm.

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